Perfect Pour

Dry but Wet was borne out of my frustration at the wildly varying quality of non-alcoholic wine. I was used to being able to pay $15 – $20 for a bottle of alcoholic wine and knowing what level of quality to expect. With alcohol you know what to expect. Non-alc is such a brand new space, there are no industry standards or ‘we’ve been doing it this way for 200 years’ style techniques to rely on. As such, you can easily spend $20 on a bottle that looks lovely but that taste like grape juice or vinegar. And it never fails to be disappointing.

With the ‘Perfect Pour’ I want to take away that disappointment, forever. I want to give you a suite of drinks that you will love and never be heartbroken by. Let me be your PERSONAL sommelier. I want you to stop pouring your money down the sink and have enjoyable drinking experiences every time.

If you book a consult, we’ll get to know each other. I want to find out all about you. Where you’re at on your drinking journey. What you’ve tried to date. What you like in a drink, what you hate in a drink. Are you after something sweet? Is a really crisp bubbles your jam? Are you (like me) on the hunt for a good alcohol-free red wine? From there I take my extensive industry knowledge and match you to your perfect drinks. You’ll receive a personal portfolio of recommendations, discounts, serving suggestions and where possible, samples. You’ll also receive a Sans Drinks gift voucher to help you on the way with that first magical order!

I’ll give you some time to try everything and then we’ll circle back to see if anything needs tweaking. I will not rest until you have your magical list of go-to’s.

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