Non-Alcoholic Drinks Services

Dry but Wet is all about normalising non alcoholic drinking and introducing people to the best in class non-alcoholic wine, beer, spirits and alternatives from around Australia and the world. It’s about demystifying this exciting new space and creative positive and inclusive drinking experiences for those who may have never considered alcohol free. How can we help?

Corporate Tasting Events

The ultimate team building exercise that ticks all the boxes. Host a Dry but Wet non-alcoholic tasting event at your office and surprise and delight your team with a curated range of the best non-alcoholic drinks. Everyone can enjoy a social drink without any of the headaches that booze can bring. An inspiring exercise in social and corporate responsibility that will leave you all amazed that drinks with no alcohol could taste this good.

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Non-alcoholic Drinks Services in Australia

The ‘Perfect Pour'

The world of non-alcoholic drinks can be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re new to the space or have been trying for ages to find your perfect non-alcoholic wine match, it can be frustrating trying to sort the good from the downright ugly. I myself have poured countless bottles down the drain. At Dry but Wet we want to ease your frustration and stop you wasting your money forever.


Would you like to work with Dry but Wet and be featured in our next tasting event? We love working with a range of brands to show the incredible depth and breadth of quality product on offer to everyday punters. Our audience ranges from the Sober to the Sober Curious to the drinker who is wondering what all the fuss is about. Register your interest below and we’ll be in touch to get you on board.

Consultancy for On Prem

Are you a venue that likes to think a little ahead of what’s always been done? Do you see the opportunity that non-alc could possibly bring your hospitality business? Non drinkers are the decision makers. Drinkers can get what they want in any venue in Australia, but their non drinking buddies are always going to push to support venues that offer them more that just soft drinks or mocktails. Don’t miss out on this growing market. By offering good quality non -alcoholic options, you’re not cannibalising your existing offer. You’re expanding it to a 24% of the population that don’t drink alcohol. But we get it, it can be tough. Connecting with suppliers is tricky and you are time poor. We can take the leg work out of it for you.

  • Curate a drinks menu that ticks the boxes for your audience
  • Connect you with the distributors
  • Train your staff so no opportunity is missed

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Consultancy for your Group

Dry but Wet loves to connect with coaches to enhance your existing offer to your client. Whether you’re a sobriety coach, a life coach, or a nutrition expert; Amy from Dry but Wet has something to offer your amazing group. We can meet with you, get to know your business and your clients. We can dial into, join or record something special for your coaching group. We’ll cover Amy’s experience with alcohol, why and how she gave up and the important role that non-alcoholic drinks have played in all of this. Amy will curate a drinks menu specific to the requirements of your group, provide discounts and talk through the products with your group. Any and all questions will be answered.

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