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The world of non-alcoholic wine is an exciting and at times overwhelming one. Where to start? How to avoid the overpriced grape juice? Let me be your guide and take you on a taste tour of six non-alcoholic sparkling wines, from the comfort of your own home!

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As we hit party season, there is no better way to celebrate than with a glass of Noughty bubbles, this is my first non alcoholic love and 3 years later, it’s still the best on the market!

Top 5 'I can't believe it's not booze' alcohol free drinks

Download recommendations for the five best alcohol-free reds, whites and sparkling wines.

Welcome to Dry but Wet!

Former boozy tragic on a mission to review the best non-alcoholic libations

I’m Amy and I am a self-confessed liquid pig. 

When I decided to get a divorce from alcohol in June 2020 and go alcohol-free, I thought I’d be losing a part of myself but all I have done is gain clarity and confidence. 

I also gained a passion for discovering new and exciting alcohol-free wine and other drinks. Now, I’m here to hold your hand and navigate you through the ever-expanding universe of non-alcoholic adult beverages now available in select shops on AU, USA, UK, NZ.

non alcoholic drinks expert
non alcoholic drinks expert

IWSC No Lo Brand Ambassador

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