The Weekly Drop: 25 January 2023

non alcoholic drinks on a tray

Welcome to your weekly round up of all my most recent non-alcoholic product reviews! A one stop shop that will keep you in the loop with everything I am drinking! Each week I try to include a range of non-alcoholic beverages to cater to all taste buds. Non alcoholic wine, beer, spirits, RTD’s and alternatives. I have got you covered!

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This weeks tasty alcohol-free drops…

Ms Sans Premixed Mojito Can

It’s Mojito time chickas! This is the first RTD in the Ms Sans range, and I can tell from first sip that this is right up my alley! This has a serious citrus punch!  READ MORE


Hop Nation Mind Ya Head

I must tell you, I am already a fan of this non alcoholic beer, I just had not gotten around to formally reviewing it yet. The Mind Ya Head is one of three non-alcoholic beers in Melbourne-based Hop Nation Brewing Co’s arsenal… READ MORE

Almost Zero Sauvignon Blanc

In the glass this wine pours quite a vivid yellow, on the nose I get no outstanding Sauvignon Blanc characteristics. I gave it a waft under Mum’s nose and she thought it was a Chardonnay… READ MORE

bottle of non alcoholic wine

GinISH – Alcohol Free Gin Substitute

Wow. I made this quite strong as I tend to do (to make sure I get all the flavours) and this non-alcoholic spirit packs QUITE a punch! And it made me sneeze! Very strong on the Juniper which I LOVE in an imitation gin… READ MORE

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