Hi! I'm Amy.

I decided to say BYEEE to alcohol in 2020 and I’ve never looked back, partly because there was such a fun and exciting world waiting to be discovered. 

I’m talking about alcohol-free bevvies, which make you feel sophisticated and grown-up without giving you the next-day regrets (take a look at my sobriety journey here).

Non-alcoholic is the new black, whether you’re sober, sober curious, designated driver or in Dry July mode… but it’s hard to know which brands are the best. This is how Dry but Wet got its start. 

Why all the reviews?

Part of my non-alcoholic journey involved trying ALL THE WINE so I could sort the wheat from the chaff and buy with confidence. 

I became obsessed (in a good way). A very wise friend said, “You should be sharing this”. So here we are! I’m putting my taste buds to the test and on the line by creating Australia’s first exclusively non-alcoholic drink review destination.

Get To Know Your Alcohol-Free Expert

Alcohol Free Drink Reviews Australia

IWSC No Lo Brand Ambassador

Alcohol Free Drink Reviews Australia

My Reviews Are Bias-Free

All non-alcoholic drink reviews are my own opinions, to help you choose the best non-alcoholic wine, beer and other drinks with confidence

I’m not exactly a qualified sommelier, but I know what I like and what I don’t like. All reviews are unbiased, regardless of whether the brand has enlisted me to write a review on their product.

Let’s Make Some Noise!

My mission, as well as reviewing all the drinks so I can recommend them to you, is to advocate for the best non-alcoholic wine and other beverages to be more on the menu across more Australian venues. 

I see RED when all I can get is soda water! Alcohol-free is a growing market and inclusive as f*ck for alcoholics, pregnant women, medicated people, those on a health kick, sober drivers… the list goes on. I speak out and promote venues that ‘get it’; and talk to those that don’t. 

I encourage you to join me and be the Squeaky Wheel and demand change. Let’s shake things up!

Alcohol Free Drink Reviews Australia
Alcohol Free Drink Reviews Australia

Super sick of lemon, lime and bitters? It’s time to get excited and try something new...

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