Alcohol Free Podcast

Knock-off Drinks With A Difference

Join me, non-alcoholic drinks expert Amy Armstrong for a knock-off drink and a casual chat on the couch. I’m here to talk all things sobriety and non-alc. I’ll be sharing my personal story and experiences, new favourite products, my experiences as well as having some fascinating guests to chat about their journeys. So grab a glass of alcohol free goodness and settle in! Cheers!

Episode 22: Sober Socialising with Faye Lawrence
Episode 21: What Good Is FebFast Really Doing??
Episode 20: Making Tea Sexy, with Buds & Beads
Episode 19: Loving Someone Through Addiction, with Andy Quin
Episode 18: Sobriety And Shooting For The Stars, With Ali
Episode 16: Big Life Changes with Lucy Quick
Episode 15: Emotional Avoidance and Booze with Sarah Noble
Episode 14: Natalie on Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Episode 13: Leanna Talks Alcohol, Numbing and Motherhood
Episode 11: Kathryn Elliot on Binge Drinking & Boobies
Episode 10: Corry and Her Sober Curious Journey
Episode 9: Introducing your Sober Cocktail King
Episode 8: Could Seadrift be stopping cows farting?
Episode 7: A Brief History Of Drinking. My Story.
Episode 6: What we gained by going AF with Emma Gilmour
Episode 5: Beers and chats with Big Drop Brewing Founder James Kindred
Episode 4: How We went from Booze Hags to Booze-free Babes
Episode 3: Drinking for Stress, & WHY are NA Spirits so Expensive?
Episode 2: Drinking when you’re sick & a crash course in NA Wine
Episode 1: Intro & My Two Year Soberversary