Be The Squeaky Wheel

Let’s get loud you guys!

Sometimes choosing to be alcohol-free feels like pushing shit up a hill. I’m a (very) social person and venues having little or no consideration for the dry punter gets me all fired up. But we can all work together to show there is a demand for non-alcoholic drinks. 

Let’s be the Squeaky Wheel and get that oil (wine)!


Non-alcoholic Squeaky Wheel

Demand Change

Do you want change but are unsure of how to ask? Here are all of my top tips from months of experience. Be the Squeaky Wheel!

Non-alcoholic Drinks Expert in Australia

Venue Register

What to know where you can go to enjoy adult alcohol free libations anywhere in Australia? Look no further!

Non-alcoholic Squeaky Wheel

Submit a Venue

Is a venue near you nailing alcohol free? Have a great experience on holiday? We all need your input.

Non-alcoholic Drinks Expert in Australia

Zero Hero

A real-life case study of a bar that went from soft drinks only, to being one of the biggest stockists of Brunswick Aces.

Non-alcoholic Squeaky Wheel

Open Letter

I really care about non alcoholic options in hospitality venues across Australia. So I’ve written an open letter.

Non-alcoholic Squeaky Wheel


If YOU would like to see more non alcoholic options in restaurants, venues and bars across Australia we need you!

Non-alcoholic Squeaky Wheel

Launch Party

Dry But Wet News!

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