The Alcohol Experiment

This was me at the start of June 2020.
Alcohol Experiment
  • The day after the terrible night before (afternoon really)

  • The day I decided enough was enough

  • The day I began my sober journey and found my superpower; being myself

Every day I am grateful to have made the tough decision, what I have gained from going alcohol-free far outweighs the benefits I thought I was getting from alcohol.

But I didn’t go it alone. It was fortunate timing that an old friend had pointed me in the direction of Annie Grace’s “Alcohol Experiment”. A free 30 day online course that aims to change how you think about alcohol. I often tell people I was brainwashed, because after the month of daily reading and exercises, that’s how I felt. Alcohol no longer held power in my life and I learned that without drinking I was enough. Confident enough, interesting enough, strong enough.

This woman worked it all out and condensed it down. Made it easy. After a couple of years of battling with moderation and counselling, 30 days was all it took.

If you’re thinking about your relationship with alcohol; considering going sober or even cutting back, I encourage you to check it out. You’ve got nothing to loose and a whole new outlook on life to gain!