Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! It all comes down to the production process. Soft drinks require less time and effort to create. Non-alcoholic wine and beer go through the same process as their standard alcoholic drink friends but have the alcohol content removed thanks to a limited fermentation process.

Non-alcoholic wine is definitely a healthy alternative to drinking wine with alcohol content. You are not consuming any alcohol, which means you’re putting your liver and other organs under less pressure. You are saved from the bad decisions that come with drinking. And with many alcohol-free wines, you’re still getting the benefits of antioxidants!

Your bottle shop should have an alcohol-free section. If they don’t, be the squeaky wheel! You can also order some non-alcoholic drinks online. Check out my reviews to find your favourites.

Non-alcoholic beer contains sugar and may contain more than regular beer so moderation is still recommended for a healthy lifestyle. 

‘Healthy’ has a lot of different meanings. You may find a soda with no sugar, which makes it healthier than an alcohol-free drink. Or vice versa. The real payoff is being able to avoid alcohol and stay sober, while still enjoying a delicious drop!

It is very unlikely that non-alcoholic beer or wine can make you drunk due to the very low or negligible alcohol content. However, it’s worth mentioning that some people who struggle with alcohol dependency may find drinking these beverages to be triggering.

If you need some support, consider reaching out to Lifeline Australia

So many reasons! Let’s list ‘em…

  • You’re sober
  • You’re sober-curious
  • It’s Dry July
  • It’s Oc-sober
  • It’s Dry January
  • You’re pregnant or taking medication
  • You’re the designated driver
  • You have a big day tomorrow that you have to be sharp for
  • You’ve already had a couple of drinks and you don’t want to push it
  • Drinking gives you epic headaches or hangovers and you just can’t handle the alcohol content anymore
  • You love trying new things
  • You want the feel of that glass in your hand but not the inebriation that comes with it

Any others? Let me know!

That’s not an easy question to answer. Speak to your GP or reach out to one of the following organisations (Dry but Wet is not affiliated with these groups).

Why Follow Dry but Wet?

You’re sober or sober curious

Give yourself an alternative while still sipping at something fabulous.

You’ve got good taste

Yes, delicious alcohol-free wine and beer does exist (no, really).

You want to try something new

Be ahead of the trend and be a no-alc smartypants who knows the best drops.