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If your looking for some great, honest guidance as to what and where to find non alcoholic options I highly recommend Amy from Dry but Wet.  As a resource Amy’s website and Instagram page are full of great information & reviews of so many options available out there in the non alcohol world. (I didn’t know there were so many until I discovered Dry but Wet.)

After 2 years sober (and many boring soda & lime drinks!) I heard Amy talk on one of my favourite podcasts – I was curious about non alcoholic options but didn’t know where to start. Amy helped me break down the options available based on what I was interested in trying and flavours I liked. 

I purchased options locally and online and have been really happy with the options Amy recommended – she really is a wealth of information! 

I’ve loved having a drink with friends and family and not feel ‘left out’ – enjoying a champagne, beer or gin and tonic but without the need for me to follow through with 17 more! Little to no sugar and no hangovers. Winning!

Amy followed up with me by message and by zoom to see how I was going with everything. I’m super grateful I discovered you & your fabulous Dry but Wet – thank you!

Cairns, Qld

I stumbled across Dry but Wet in my quest to find palatable alcohol free options. I had tried alcohol free wines in the past but had never found anything worth drinking.

But now I just look at the reviews on Dry but Wet and know what I’m getting myself in to with each purchase. I’m a little bit obsessed with the page and I haven’t been steered wrong yet. Thank you!!

Kylie Lake

Amy is an absolute rockstar in driving awareness of the wonderful options available in the non-alc space! She has a great passion for connecting the consumer with the best zero-alcoholic drinks and is honest and unbiased in her opinions.

She has built a wonderful community and is doing an excellent job advocating for non-alc drinks in hospitality and driving change in this exciting new category.

Irene Falcone
Founder & CEO

The NA world is moving at such a fast and frenetic pace that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Through contact with Amy both via social media and email I’m able to keep abreast of all the new products that she is critically reviewing and offering suggestions as to what is coming next.

I use the information from Amy in my two pubs the Builders Arms Hotel Fitzroy and the Victoria Hotel Footscray.

Anthony Hammond

Amy, I just listened to your interview and I’m so glad I did. It changed my perspective on so much. I tried AA, but didn’t do well with that approach.

Here in the US (Pennsylvania) most people my age in the program were there for heroin or other opioid addictions and they downplayed the dangers of alcohol abuse. I almost died at 26 with a blood alcohol level of .48 (after breaking my arm while drinking, so I related to that part of your story).

I’ve always loved to go out and be social, and I love the taste of a refreshing drink. This reminded me I can work up to still doing that while not having alcohol. It actually made me feel excited and optimistic about future possibilities of a happy, balanced life. My use of it nearly destroyed my life many times and I’m not even 30.

I hope I can stay the course this time, and plan to start the alcohol experiment. I just downloaded it. You and Annie Grace have helped more than you’ll ever know!♥️?


I was recommended to Amy through a friend who followed her on Instagram. One cup of herbal tea later, and I had booked her as a guest speaker for my online nutrition program. 

I’m all about offering my clients healthy alternatives, in both food and beverages, that support their health, rather than hinder it.  Therefore, I didn’t want to offer them non-alc alternatives if they were full of preservatives and sugar! Amy did a great job with sticking to my values and she put together a great list of healthy non-alc options. 

My clients LOVED hearing her speak, and Amy gave them some great information and recommendations to take away with them. I loved my experience with Amy so much that I’ve already booked her to speak to my next nutrition group program!

Dr Andrea Robertson
Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist & Director


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