10 MUST TRY Non-Alcoholic Drinks!

Whether you are trying non alcoholic drinks on for size as part of Dry July or you are a seasoned drinks aficionado, there are always exciting new booze free bevs to try. It’s all part of the fun of being part of the cool crowd leading the way, trying something new and going against the grain (alcohol is sooo passé am I right?)

Having the best on ground non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirits options is going to mean you can enjoy the taste, ritual and social aspects of enjoying adult beverages, without any of the nasty side effects. I bring you my top non-alcoholic drinks options that cover all manner of tastes and themes so you can still enjoy any occasion, glass in hand!

Here for you are some of my current favs, with a little focus on Australian based producers (because supporting local small businesses is another tick in the cool box for you kid!)

1. A zingy white wine

White wine has always been the most difficult of all the non alcoholic wines to land on a good one. But the Zeitgeist Riesling has achieved the impossible. It’s so flavourful with that acidic edge we would expect from a Riesling. Well worth a try!

non alcoholic riesling

2. A Classic Bubbles

You can do no better that a non alcoholic sparking made by the worlds foremost expert on Champagne. Richard Juhlin’s Blanc de Blanc alcohol free wine ticks all the boxes and is a must for any celebratory cheers!

non alcoholic champage

3. The super hip outsider

I have loved T.I.N.A since first sip! This drink does not seek to replicate alcohol at all, but it ticks plenty of flavour boxes with its delicious blend of smoky oolong tea and fruity accents. Clearly the girls have hit the nail on the head with T.I.N.A (This Is Not Alcohol) appearing on the beverage lists of many fine dining establishments.

non alcoholic drink

4. The Fancy “Gin”

This is a delicious non alcoholic version of Four Pillars VERY popular shiraz gin. I love the intensity of flavours when paired with a good quality tonic water. I have yet to meet a person that has not been delighted by this drink!

Four Pillars Bandwagon Bloody Shiraz

5. The Queen of Rosé 

After a year of delivering non alcoholic wine tasting events last year, I saw a lot of patterns emerge. The most obvious was this this Rosé from Tread Softly is unanimously loved. It has GREAT flavour and balance and an intensity that you don’t get with all dealcoholised wines. This is always a winner!

non alc rose

6. The Beer with guts

If you are after a super tasty and robust craft beer with none of the booze, then look no further than Molly Rose Brewing’s Citra Citra. This non alcoholic beer is hoppy, full bodied and ohhh so delicious and moreish! I have been to their brewery/eatery and the experience was MOST excellent. DELISH!

Molly Rose non alcoholic beer

7. The lightest beer of all

I say beer here, but that is a lie. HOPR is a sparkling hop water, which means its essentially brewed like a tea, steeping hops on water until all the flavour is infused in the water. This means this taste like a beer but it’s light and crisply refreshing and has no sugar or calories! The bonus is the added adaptogens which help keep you cool, calm and collected!

Hop Water

8. The Spicey type

Altina’s Sansgria is the drink you want to be sitting on in any weather. In summer over ice or in winter, warmed as a mulled wine! This ready-to-pour non-alcoholic Sangria has a vibrant non-alcoholic sparkling shiraz with all the added citrus and spice zip of a Sangria. Enjoy with a slice of orange and you will be in ‘I can’t believe this isn’t the real deal’ heaven!

9. The ripping red

Good non alcoholic reds are few and far between. They are my holy grail in non alc. The Giesen Merlot has been a consistent crowd favourite and for good reason. It has great depth, good tannins and flavour to boot. Not hint of a Ribena or vinegar drinking experience I promise! AS with all non alcoholic red wines, let this breathe for a couple of hours to let the flavours really develop!

non alcoholic red wine

10. The after dinner quaff

The NON 7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee is an unrivalled taste sensation. This tastes like nothing else you have tried, but I promise it will win you over. Delicious deep cherry flavours pair perfectly with the bitter coffee notes. There is no better non alcoholic fire side quaff!


This my friends, is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to good quality, tasty non alcoholic drinks options. This could easily be a top 20 list! Of course we are so lucky to have new non alcoholic options landing every week. If you never want to miss a review sign up to the Dry but Wet mailing list!

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