Asahi Dry Zero vs Asahi Super Dry Zero…what’s the diff?

non alcoholic asahi beer

Two Japanese beers walk into a bar… ahhaah I have no more joke for you, but I do love the idea of two giant Asahi cans sauntering into the pub.

If you’re confused about what’s going on right now, welcome to my world. Over the course of writing these reviews, I have got these non-identical twins muddled up QUITE a lot. In doing so though, I have made a discovery. Initially, I thought the only difference here was one was gluten-free, the other not. But on closer inspection, the differences run a lot deeper. Asahi Super Dry 0.0% (the Blue can) is a typical de-alcoholised lager. Similar cals and ingredients to other commercial beers on the market. Whilst Asahi Dry Zero 0.00% (the yellow can with the extra 0) whilst yes, gluten free, is not actually a beer at all, but actually a beer-flavoured concoction! SOOooooo intriguing!

I’ll link here to the full reviews, but essentially it boils down to this. One is a non-alcoholic beer, one is not. Ashai Dry Zero 0.00% is a 5 year old kid playing dress-ups. It looks and smells like beer, but it tastes very lacklustre and no body to it at all. Whereas the Asahi Super Dry Zero 0.0% ticks all the boxes and is a bang-up non-alcoholic lager.

It doesn’t really need to be any more complicated than that. They both essentially do what they say they’re going to do on the label.

If you’ve been despairing at the lack of gluten free non-alc beer options, then I’d definitely give the Dry Zero 0.00% a go, just be prepared for the thinness. If you’re keen for a sessionable refreshing lager, The Super Dry is your go to!

I am super stoked to be back reviewing for you! If you have any requests, hit me up in the comments section or via email

Amy x

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