10 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

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Summer is coming…can you feel it? And while there’s always an occasion for drinking, the sun being out is always my favourite. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold beer on a hot day. Nothing screams Summer like a delicious spritz over ice with slices of orange. After a long history of downing ice cold Rosé in the sun and suffering the brutal consequences, I have discovered that non-alcoholic drinks mean you can have your cake and eat it too. You can still enjoy all the crisp refreshing taste sensations whilst avoiding the hangxiety, dehydration and messy uber rides.

So which non-alcoholic drinks should you be enjoying this summer? While this could easily be a top 100 list, I have stuck to the absolute highlights to get you ready to sip your way happily through the warmer months, without any of the nasty side effects and guilt.

Top 10 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Summer 2022

The Session Beer: Peroni Nastro Azzurro Zero

This non alcoholic beer holds a special place in my heart. As a former Peroni enthusiast, this version 2.0 of an alcohol-free beer from them is pretty special. It tastes JUST like the real thing and to be honest, once it’s warm enough, there will be a six-pack permanently placed in the fridge. Easy drinking and super refreshing!

Peroni Nastro Azzurro Zero

The Crafty: Sobah’s Davidson Plum Ale

This newly released craft ale is perfect for a more refined beer moment. It’s a gorgeous pink hue and has delightful Davidson Plum notes as well as a traditional crafty ale profile. It’s also gluten free which is VERY rare in the non-alc beer scene!

Sobah Davidson Plum non alcoholic ale

The G&T: GinIsh

ISH are a Denmark based non alcoholic drinks company that are doing some incredible things. And they have G&T options to suit both those who like to DIY and those who want to crack a can and pour (I’m not calling you lazy!). The gin profile that they have created is totally on the money, with beautiful juniper and citrus notes and a bit of heat. Deeply satisfying for gin lovers.

ginISh and tonic

The Bubbles : Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

If you don’t know by now, you have been hiding under a rock! This is my all time favourite non alcoholic wine. Noughty is perfect for all occasions but is just that little bit better when enjoyed in the sun! Nothing says celebration like the pop of a cork and nothing says flavour like Noughty!?

Noughty Sparkling non alcoholic wine

The Spritz: Sans Bar Spritzing in Venice

Nothing says summer quite like a spritz. And the non-alcoholic versions are for the most part excellent. The Sans Bar Spritzing in Venice brings the bitter orange profile we all know and love from the many Aperol Spritz’ we’ve consumed over the years. Mixed with a good alcohol-free Prosecco, this is a total winner!

non alcoholic spritz

The Jug-of: Altina’s Sansgria

This is one TASTY drink. Pour it into a big jug of ice, garnish with a few orange slices and you have your ultimate Sangria experience with no fuss. This has a beautiful red wine profile, a light fizz and some lovely spices and citrus elements. Yes Please!

The White Wine: Next Destination McLaren Vale Chardonnay

Sunshine, a fine piece of salmon and a good white wine. If you want to make it non-alcoholic then this McLaren Vale Chardonnay from Next Destination is one you do not want to walk past. Beautifully smooth, buttery and balanced. This is the Rolls Royce of alcohol-free white wines!

Next Destination Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

The Rosé: Tread Softly Everything Except Rosé

Gorgeous, pink, floral, light, tasty, just please don’t spoil her with your ice cubes girls! Who doesn’t love a Rosé or 10 on a sunny afternoon, cheese platter by your side? There is so much to love about the Tread Softly Everything Except Rosé, including their social mission!

non alc rose

For Breakfast: Cipriani Bellini

Now we are alcohol free (or dabbling) there’s really no excuse not to start at breakfast. And the Cipriani Bellini is the perfect accompaniment to any champagne breakfast! It’s made to be drunk as is, but I find it a little too peachy, so I go half and half with a good non alcoholic prosecco!

The Alternative: NON 1: Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

This one is for anyone who loves flavour or who is perhaps looking for an adult drink that doesn’t replicate alcohol. NON have created a unique blend of flavours that is balanced, refreshing and ready to pour and drink. You get sweet and tart from the raspberries, tannin from the chamomile, a bit of fizz and the Murray River Salt brings it all together harmoniously!

Non 1 Salted raspberry and chamomile

Other honourable mentions go to HOPR who have an incredible range of sparkling Hop Waters and to T.I.N.A which is a light, sparkling, oolong tea based drink which is hyper refreshing and softly delicious! Of course we are so lucky to have new non alcoholic options landing every week. If you never want to miss a review sign up to the Dry but Wet mailing list!

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