Why do I feel like I’m 15?

Back when blue eyeshadow and maroon hoodies were at thing…they were a thing right?

I used to love alcohol. “Why do you keep drinking when (insert shit behaviour) keeps happening?”. Because I love to drink!

I used to think it made me a better version of myself. A less uptight , more laissez-faire kinda gal. I’ve thought it gave me superpower to get through social and work networking situations that made me uncomfortable and shy. It made me less bored when I was bored. More excited about exciting things. It definitely made me a better dancer.

But that was as a lie.

All those things I thought alcohol was giving me? I already had, they had just been buried. Drowned in alcohol since before I was even an adult. When you stop drinking and learn that that power you thought alcohol gave you was fake, it’s like starting your adult journey from scratch. Or picking back up where you 15 year old self left off.

But the more you challenge yourself, go out, network your butt off, dance like no one is watching; the stronger and more confident you become.

Be aware and proud of how much you have achieved, how strong and confident you are and realise that little old you is good enough just the way you are!

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