Which is the best non-alcoholic Rosé wine?

Two new Australian non-alcoholic Rosé wines have been released in this last week, and as always, we’re jumping quickly to pop them in our cart, especially as we are heading towards warmer weather (I think). But before you hit ‘confirm order’ I wanted to try them both, side by side, and let you know my expert thoughts.

Up until this point in our non-alcoholic wine journey, I have favoured the Tread Softly Everything Except Rosé. It’s nice and balanced, robust enough, and the right amount of dry. But given the quality of what Next Destination Wines have delivered in the last six months, I have a feeling that Tread Softly may be about to be knocked off its alcohol-free perch. Let’s find out!

1920 Wines vs Next Destination.

Which of these two non-alcoholic Rosé wines will come out on top? Let’s break it down!

The Colour

These two wines both have a beautiful pink hue. The Next Destination is on the cool side, while the 1920 Wines is more of a warmer salmon colour. Both look the part of a good Rosé.

The Aroma

On the nose I did not get much at all from the 1920. Slightly floral and a little berry. I get more from the Nest Destination, a slightly more pronounced strawberry profile.

The Taste

In some ways, I prefer the 1920. It’s got a slight smokiness to it that is giving it more depth in a side-by-side comparison. Texturally the Next Destination is smoother and more sophisticated and it does sit a little higher on the acidity scale. But most importantly for non-alcoholic wine, I am getting more of a wine-like profile and taste from the 1920. Something about that smokiness is giving me better grip in the mouth and that little speedbump that takes it from juice to wine.

The Price

At $14.95 a bottle, the 1920 Wines Rosé is winning here, $5 less per bottle than the Next Destination and $31 less when you splash out on a case.

Anything Else?

The sugar and the cals for both are incredibly close. May as well be a tie really.

The Verdict

More overall wine flavour in the 1920 Rosé make it the winner of the two for me. I am as surprised as anyone, I thought the Next Destination had this in the bag for sure. I think both are nice and have their own merits.  Both are certainly worth a try. But the 1920 just pips the ND at the post!

Want more non-alcoholic drinks ideas for summer? Here are my top ten recommendations!

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