Which non-alcoholic wines come in single serves?

While liquid pig Amy can easily put away a 750ml bottle of non alcoholic bubbles without batting an eyelid, I do realise that some of you are hesitant about popping a cork on a bottle every time you fancy a glass?.

Lucky for you (and me when I’m not so outrageously thirsty) there are now a number of excellent alcohol free wines now available in single serve cans or bottles. The perfect serve for when you just feel like one, or if you’re in a BYO situation where handbag wine is required.*

I have listed everything here, in order of preference. Some are not to my taste at all, but I wanted to give you alllllll the options!

*eg sneaking your own non-alc wine into a pub that is not meeting your needs!

Single Serve Non Alcoholic Wines

1. Chateau del ISH Blanc de Blanc

This sparkling non-alc Blanc de blancs is the cream of the crop in the single serve space. Super yeasty on the nose, this alcohol-free sparkling wine does not disappoint in the mouth. Really robust, full bodied, dry but still lots of lovely fruit flavours. Some nice juicy grapes were harmed in the making of this! A really nice gentle fizz. I can’t fault it.

Chateau del ISH

2. Vinada Sparkling Chardonnay

I have snuck many a bottle of Vinada into my local pub, leaving the empty bottles as a massive hint to do better. This non-alc bubbles has a beautiful bead (not like the fizz that some other AF sparkling’s have). A full mouth feel, no skimping on flavour here! It’s balanced, citrusy, fruity but still nice and dry.

3. Altina Sansgria

This is one of my drinks of the summer! Altina’s whole range comes in a can, but this is my pick of the bunch and the most “wine-like” experience. The flavours in this are DIVINE. The Riberry brings the warmth and there is delicious sweetness from the fruit, having said that, she’s still dry. Served over ice with some dried or fresh citrus and you are in faux sangria heaven!

Altina Sansgria

4. Plus & Minus Prosecco

This is a must have for this summer. These non-alcoholic Prosecco cans are perfect to have on hand for if you’re making a spritz, or for enjoying on the go. You really get those rich fruit notes, peach, apple and citrus but not in an overkill sweet way. It’s beautifully balanced, dry with a little acidity. My hot tip here is to still enjoy in a glass, rather than from the can. The taste experience is much better in proper glassware!

Plus and minus prosecco

5. The Duchess Alcohol-Free Wine Spritzer Rosé

I’ll be the first to admit that this wine surprised me. I find the Duchess G&T to be so horrid, I thought this would be the same. But what you get is a pretty dry, reasonably tasting wine spritzer. Its really really low sugar which is always a bonus and I’d imagine would hit the refreshment spot on a hot sunny day.

Duchess wine spritzer

6. Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee

This is where things start going downhill for me taste-wise. Edenvale is ok enough entry level non-alcoholic wine. It’s easily accessible, readily available and inoffensive, but is that really what you want to be drinking? No babes, you deserve the best. Edenvale’s Cuvee is fine, but lacks any of the complexity and dryness that some of the others are offering. Get out of jail free and head back to the top of the list!

7. Gruvi Dry Secco

We’re heading into serious wine cooler territory with this one here. Not quite sure where the DRY component comes in to the flavour profile but I gave up looking. This one is not a de-alcoholised wine, it’s a sparkling water with grape juice and “natural flavours’ added. Unless you are after something on the sweeter side, you deserve better!

8. Lyre’s Classico

I’ve never met a glass of Lyre’s Classico I could finish. And whilst I know I am not alone in this opinion, I also know there are plenty of folks who enjoy this alcohol free wine replica on the reg. For me it too sweet, too fake tasting and has too much garbage in it. Do yourself a favour and hop to the top of this list and enjoy a great de-alcoholised wine!

PLEASE NOTE: All of these products do seek to replicate alcohol. This can be challenging for some and can be a slippery slope back to alcohol. If you are at all concerned please approach with caution and try some non-alcoholic alternatives that steer clear of any alcoholic references.

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