What’s the point?

This is a love letter to all of those on team ‘what’s the point?’

The alcohol-free movement has been having so much great press lately and in social media commentary on all articles there’s never any shortage of those who just don’t get it, get defensive and the main catch cry is ‘what’s the point’. What’s the point of wine without the wind down, beer without the buzz? To be fair, before my divorce from alcohol, I would have been one of those people. Because I loved alcohol (or so I thought).

I think those of us in sober circles get it and know full well what the point is (helps with FOMO, actually like the taste of wine, pairs better with a fancy meal than orange juice etc), but here’s a simple analogy to help you explain it to the flat earthers.

Three months ago, I made the decision to cut coffee out completely. It was messing with my cortisol levels, my gut and wreaking havoc with my sleep. Maybe because my one cup per day was actually a 6 cup Moka pot (as with booze, I do nothing by halves).

I love coffee, can’t do without it in the morning. Breakfast without coffee just seems wrong and my brain does not compute. Going completely coffee free just seemed a step too far. And I knew if I removed it completely it would be a quick relapse back onto the brown stuff. LUCKILY, some clever bugger came up with the concept of decaf. This means that every morning I can put my  Moka pot on, let it boil and enjoy that warming cup of goodness with my breakfast, without the jitters, the elevated stress levels and the temptation of hopping back on the full-strength coffee train. Once I got past the coffee headache and my body adjusted to being caffeine-free it was smooth sailing.

Now, do people jump up and down about decaf? Is it seen as un-Australian and going against our way of life? No, it’s normal and acceptable and available everywhere you can buy coffee.

My vision is for non-alcoholic beers, wine and spirits to become the decaf version of the alcohol industry. A readily available and NORMAL replacement for the full strength version. No stigma attached.

Read more about my non-alcoholic drinks crusade HERE and if you’d like to see more AF drinks offered in hospitality, please sign and share this PETITION.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about all things in the wonderful world of Alcohol Free please sign up to my mailing list below. I promise it will be a very casual relationship!

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