The Cost

I’m not sure about you, but I feel like I am spending MORE money on non-alcoholic drinks than Bad Amy ever did when I was drinking (I swear the postie thinks I have a problem, so many wine boxes!). Bad Amy was a cheap drunk. Bad Amy would rarely drop $30 on a bottle of bubbles like I do now. I was more the ALDI prosecco kinda girl.

This seems contrary to the popular belief that you save so much money when you are not drinking. In some way’s I think this is true, dining out is certainly cheaper. Wad’s of cash aren’t disappearing into any publican’s pockets. But in exploring the amazing range of non-alcoholic drinks on the market (with more emerging every day – lucky us!) and trying to find my favourites, I am spending so much more on what I drink at home. Ultimately this is what led to me creating Dry but Wet, in the hope that my reviews help you avoid wasting your money on drinks that really don’t deserve it.

I AM getting to my point here… and that is that is there is a common perception that non-alcoholic drinks are overpriced. I have heard the term “overpriced grape juice” bandied about all too frequently. What really gets me all fired up here is that the weight of the value in this equation falls on the actual alcohol IN the wine and beer and not the drinks themselves. It really highlights just how brainwashed we have all been for our whole adult lives. The societal value is not in the beautifully crafted and enjoyable product. It’s in the carcinogenic poison that rots your brain, creates dependence and makes you do stupid things.

Non-Alc beers and wines cost the same as their alcoholic counterpart because they’re MADE THE SAME WAY! There’s actually MORE work in your can of Heap’s Normal than your can of Balter. Producers create the beer as per standard practise then REMOVE the alcohol without removing the taste. Sounds tricky right? There’s science and a whole lot of product development going into your favourite drinks.

I think if we can understand this and communicate it loud and proud, then those who like to poo poo the idea of alcohol free drinks (“why bother when you may as well be drinking water… same effect” – gah!) will eventually get the picture.

Now I am not drinking to get drunk, I am drinking for the experience. I am guessing this is what it feels like to be a “normy”, someone who can drink responsibly. Someone who has a fully functioning off switch.

What do you think? What’s your experience?

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