Times they are a changin’

Something happened at work today that made me pause, reflect and be grateful.

For my day job I work at a University and today was the last event in a 3 week long orientation festival for our students. It was a sunny garden party with live music, donuts, burrito bowls, games, clubs and MOCKTAILS.

I am so glad that for this generation mocktails are a thing. A thing worth including in a student led event. It tells me that 18-year olds are becoming so much more conscious about what they are putting in their bodies.

At my first O-Week I distinctly remember joining the ‘Drinking club’. It was literally the only Student Union club I joined. You got a beer voucher. The lines to get into the student bar used to be 4 flights of stairs long. Now there is no student bar because there is not the demand. Sure, there are still events where alcohol is present, and there is still the typical uni drinking experience but… there are mocktails!

This gives me hope that generation by generation, attitudes towards alcohol are changing. These kids are more mindful and with them, the drinking culture in Australia will continue to evolve.

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