God I need a drink…

I’m having one of THOSE days at work ???

You know the ones. Overwhelmed. Stressed out. A big build up of pressure in your head.

In a past life this was a “god I need a drink day”. A drink to take the edge off the day and make you forget what you were stressed about.

But that’s the easy way out isn’t it. By drinking your stress away you’re not dealing with it. You’re pushing it down. You’re not learning healthy coping mechanisms, you’re avoiding dealing with your emotions.

I’m going to have a massive sing along in the drive home and give myself time to decompress. Focus on and take joy in the process of cooking dinner. Let Violet make a mess chopping mushrooms. Be present.

If I’m still wound up later, a guided meditation will do the trick.

What about you? What do you do when life is just a little too much?

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