The Weekly Drop: 27 July 2022

Welcome to your weekly round up of all my most recent non-alcoholic product reviews! A one stop shop that will keep you in the loop with everything I am drinking!

You can click though to the individual product reviews and get the full details!

This weeks tasty alcohol-free drops…

Two Hoots Cabernet Sauvignon

As always I recommend opening your alcohol-free red wine WELL before you intend to drink it. Hours if you can. Decant it if you can. All of this helps the wine to open up and you get a much better drinking experience. On the nose this has a really earthy smell, rich with some berry aromas. Read more…

Tempus Two Zero Prosecco

In the glass this is a glorious light straw colour, with a fairly aggressive bead. Read More…

Big Drop Woodcutter Brown Ale

It pours a beautiful deep amber with a good frothy head (especially if you’re a rough pourer like me!). The smell instantly takes me back to sticky carpets and indoor smoke of the early 2000’s! Read more…

Monday Distillery Rouge Fizz

As someone not big into spirits when I was drinking, I have never tried an alcoholic shiraz gin so I don’t have this point of reference for the new Monday Rouge Fizz which is Sammy’s take on that very beverage. Read more…

Lyre’s Pink London Spirit

On the nose this has a very strong strawberry scent. Mixed with tonic I would describe the flavour as fairly basic. Read More...

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