Wine attack

This afternoon I had a wine attack.

Have you ever had one of those? Let me explain it a little better. Normally I am a good little low-maintenance sober sister. I can go to bars, restaurants, mate’s houses and be around people drinking and not bat an eyelid. I am comfortable and not tempted to jump back on the ethanol bandwagon.

But today at work it’s Graduations. I stuck my head in to see how it is all progressing and saw lots of happy smiling students, super stoked to be graduating after missing so much in 2020. I also saw a table full of celebratory bubbles that knocked the wind out of me. I had a physical reaction. Almost like a reflex where I wanted to reach out and grab one of those glasses and skull. It was a strong desire, an urge. Muscle memory of times gone by. I am lucky I wasn’t tempted.

But situations like this are dangerous ones for those who have committed to not drinking. If I was in early stages of sobriety or having a really bad day and feeling vulnerable, this could very well end in a slip. Unexpected wine situations will always come up from time to time, at events particularly. Situations where you are not prepared and armed with your bottle of non alcoholic bubbles.

This is just one of the reason Sarah (@sober_sommelier) and I have our PETITION to drive change in hospitality and make things a little easier for us non drinkers, all across Australia. If you haven’t already, please sign and share. We are aiming big! We need the numbers to show there is the demand.

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