Let’s celebrate our car keys

Tomorrow I will be 10 months alcohol free.

And even this far along I get a little buzz every time I find myself in my car at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. A little spark of joy every time I ferry the girls home from a boozy dinner. A jolt of recognition and amazement every time I realise I can go wherever I like, whenever I like.

I am not really sure HOW I used to get home from those dinners, but I assume it was a looong zig-zaggy walk. I remember Saturday afternoons often involved my dear husband trying to coerce some poor soul to go to the bottle shop for us because the slab had run out; and can you please get us snacks? Or drop us into the pub? Or pick us up from the pizza shop?

Leaving all this garbage behaviour behind is really significant for me, and being able to drive is most significant in this significance. SO much so I decided to signify the significance by decorating my car keys. They come everywhere with me, are often sitting on the bar or cafe table beside me, so why not make them party? The tassles and pom poms are a colourful accessory and a joyous reminder that free from the shackles of intoxication, I take the party with me!

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