The kids

Our Children – it’s a complex topic, one for which I probably have more questions than answers.

That colourful blur in the background? That’s Violet. She’s 5, just started school, is pretty awesome kid. There’s no doubt that since I stopped drinking last June I am a better parent. I am present. I am attentive. I am not making questionable decisions. I can feel it in how our relationship has changed over that time. We are closer than ever.

She also thinks I still drink wine. And beer. As hard as I’ve tried to put it to her, she can’t really grasp the difference in a tangible way.

Does this matter? In all other ways I am setting a better example for my daughter. My behaviour is different. But what she believes is alcohol is still present in her life. Should it be? Is that normal? Am I overthinking it? Told you there were more questions than answers!

What do you think? What do you tell your kids? How do we instil our new shiny values into our mini me’s?

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