Review Luminara Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay 2018

I am so excited, my first virtual visit to the Napa Valley! And for a non-alcoholic wine none the less!

On the nose this is a throw-back Chardonnay. A more 90’s version, heavily oaked than a more modern clean Chardonnay. But I know that smells can be deceiving, so lets dive in!

Mmm…the smell is not so deceiving. There is definitely a strong oak hit here, which is not surprising given this wine has been aged in both French and American oak! Maybe this is a California style of thing, because in Australia I feel like we have moved on from the oak vibes. Anyway, I digress.

Moving on from the oak (can you tell I am not a fan?) everything else this wine is giving me is really good. It’s got that buttery richness you want, nice balance of acidity and a great mouth feel. Its quite luscious and crisp. You get apple and nut without it being too sweet.

If I could get past the oak this would be a winner for me!

Rating: 8/10 (with below caveat)

Buy Again?: Not for me, but if you like an oaky Chardonnay you will enjoy.

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