Jacob’s Creek Unvined Alcohol-Removed Rosé 6/10

Jacob’s Creek Unvined Alcohol-Removed Rosé 6/10



On first sniff, I had to do a double take and check this bottle was actually alcohol free. It smells VERY legit. But that’s the peak of the experience with this Jacob’s Creek Rosé. It’s all downhill from there.

This Rosé is unsophisticated and a little bit basic. Whilst it has a full mouthfeel, its a full and syrupy mouthfeel. It’s not crisp and refreshing like I prefer a Rosé. I get the raspberry flavouring as described on the bottle, but more as a raspberry juice vibe. Like you’ve defrosted some frozen raspberries and are drinking the tasty run off juice. Nice, but not what I want in a wine.

Because I like to compare and contrast to get you an accurate review, I tried the Jacob’s Creek Unvined Rosé along side La Tautila Rosé and it was like night and day. The La Tautilla the clear standout with a more robust flavour profile and an actual wine flavour as opposed to a syrup flavour. Interesting as per serve, Jacob’s Creek is actually lower in sugar!

Too sweet for mine.

Rating: 6/10

Buy Again?: No

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 28 cal
Carbs per 100ml 4.7g
Sugar per 100ml 4.7g
Country of Origin Australia
Price $14.95


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