Lager Day Saints 8/10

Lager Day Saints 8/10



Non alcoholic lagers are the new black! It seems like everyone is having a crack at bringing us quality, sessionable, non alcoholic lagers. Now I am biased but to me you’d be hard pressed to improve on the perfection of the Peroni Nastro Azzuro. But in the interests of supporting smaller producers and independently produced alcohol free drinks I am giving the Lager Day Saints a good run!

Made using a limited ferment yeast (unlike the Peroni that is dealcoholised), this lager is everything that you would expect from a lager. It’s clean, refreshing, light and entirely smashable. For me it could be a little more forward with some body, but I think the flavour profile carries it!

Rating: 8/10

Buy Again?: Yes

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 24 cal
Carbs per 100ml 4.2 g
Sugar per 100ml0 3.5g
Country of Origin Australia
Price $16.95 (4 Pack)


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