Leitz Zero Point Five Pinot Noir 7/10

Leitz Zero Point Five Pinot Noir 7/10



I love Leitz’s Riesling. It’s a really really great, crisp, dry white non-alcoholic wine. So I cracked this bottle of their Pinot Noir with so much excitement and gusto, thinking this could be our saviour. The non-alc red wine hunt could be called off.

Don’t call off the hunt. This wine smells good, dry, aromatic, berry scented. Pours like a Pinot, light in colour and full of promise. But for me it does not deliver on flavour. At this point I thought it was me, maybe my memory of Pinot Noir is off and this is what it’s supposed to taste like: so I enlisted the help of Google. “A traditionally dry wine, it emits obvious hints of bright red fruit on the palate and through its aromas. Yet these flavours are not particularly rich and tannin elements are subtle. The lighter, velvety feel combined with a low tannic content and medium-high acid makes Pinot Noir particularly easy to drink.”

I’m getting the red fruit notes, it is dry; but for me it’s a little too on the sweet side. It’s not quire grape juice vibes, it’s more advanced than that, it’s just missing that slightly savoury element that we love about red wine.

If you love a light red, I think give this a go. I think it would work quite well chilled in summer, with some cheese & bikkies.

For mine, The Lindeman’s Cab Sav still ticks all the right boxes and is leading the way with the non-alcoholic reds.

Post review note: I popped grabbed a bottle of Plus & Minus Pinot for comparison while writing this. The P&M is the better of the two, but by adding a little drop of the P&M to the Leitz it gave it a bit more of that tannic & savoury feel I was after. Never be afraid to mix it up!

Rating: 7/10

Buy Again?: No

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 15 cal
Carbs per 100ml 3 g
Sugar per 100ml 3 g
Country of Origin Germany
Price $22.95


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