Non-Alcoholic Absolute Zero Dry Sparkling 7/10

Non-Alcoholic Absolute Zero Dry Sparkling 7/10



I wanted SO BAD to love this non-alcoholic sparkling wine. If nothing but for the extremely low sugar content. I really do love the Almost Zero Merlot that’s made by the same family winery in South Africa. And it’s sooo nearly there. But it’s not quite nailing it for me.

I was first struck by a slightly ‘grapey’ flavour (the fake kind) that has calmed down now I’ve had the bottle open a little while. Still, I find it not quite as balanced as what I like. It tips a little too hard in the acidic direction for me (and that’s saying something, because acid tongue I am!). It’s certainly dry, so what the label says is correct. It’s not sweet. Which is a big tick. It’s really just a bit too tart. And dare I say it, lacking in complexity.

There are also no ingredients on the bottle which always make me a little nervous! I do like to know what’s in my glass. It is vegan friendly, incredibly low cal and low sugar.

But with Noughty & Vinada at the same price point I will be sticking with them!

Rating: 7/10

Buy Again?: Not for me

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(a nice way to offset your shipping).

Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 14 cal
Carbs per 100ml 3.2g
Sugar per 100ml 1.3g
Country of Origin South Africa
Price $24.95


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