Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0

Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0



I’ll be rocking the boat with this review, as the Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin gets a LOT of good press!

But for me? I can’t do it. There is just too much of an air of industrial toilet cleaner that I can’t get past. It has wiffs of gin, but they are just dominated by an overwhelmingly chemical taste. So fake. Wondering why this might be, I checked the ingredients list. Whilst all other non-alc spirits I have reviewed to date consist of water, natural botanicals and one preservative (which you need because without alcohol you get no shelf life), Gordon’s really does read like the afore mentioned toilet cleaning chemicals.

Now there is a much bigger discussion here, to do with what’s exactly in our drinks and what we should be looking out for on labels if we’re concerned about what we put into our bodies; but that’s one I want to have with a qualified nutritionist and share with you another day.

For today, there are way too many numbers in this drink for me to be able to enjoy it, plus to me those numbers really do reflect the taste. Fake as f**k.

If you’re after that real gin flavour, my top recommendation is a Monday Distillery Classic G&T, the real gin taste without any of the nasties. But that is ready-to-drink. Not a bottle of spirit.

Ugh why am I still drinking this? The THINGS I do for you guys!

Rating: 4/10

Buy Again?: No

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 12 cal
Carbs per 100ml 0 g
Sugar per 100ml 0 g
Country of Origin Italy
Price $34.95


  1. Nat

    Is it the best, no. Is it drinkable, yes. Is it affordable, also yes. I actually don’t mind the Gordon’s gin as an easily accessible drink on a weeknight, when you just feel like a bit of something, but don’t want to crack open an exy bottle of goodness.

    • Amy Armstrong

      You have some good points there Nat! And if you don’t mind the taste or the ingredients then you’re onto a winner!

  2. Jaybee-99

    I couldn’t agree more with this review. This ‘gin’ is disgusting. In fact, I compared it with a tiny sip of very watered down Dettol, as I was convinced they were one and the same. Yes – I’m willing to suffer for my convictions! They are virtually identical in flavour. This has put me off trying other N/A gins for ever. Unless of course, I can believe your other reviews! (which I think I will, given we’re 100% on the same page over this particular product)! Thanks for your honesty – I get sick of everyone singing the praises of every single N/A product – only to discover most of them are truly awful and utterly pointless. The search continues!

    • Amy Armstrong

      Hahah Jaz love your description here. Dettol it is! There are much better options but it depends on what you are after, something that tastes like gin? Or something that is unique and really tasty in it’s own way?

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