Ms Sans – Call Me Indigo Butterfly Pea Gin substitute 8/10

Ms Sans – Call Me Indigo Butterfly Pea Gin substitute 8/10



I am pretty much a big snob when it comes to non-alcoholic spirits, generally very much preferring the distilled botanicals rather than “creations” like this one. Mainly to me the “creations” that try and be a direct mimic of gin end up tasting like a bottle of chemicals (see Gordon’s).

But in this case, Irene has created a really light and distinctly un-chemical tasting version. And its a pretty colour to boot! Naturally coloured with the butterfly pea flower, it changes from blue to indigo when lemon or citrus-based tonics are added. A very fancy party trick!

You get a really bold juniper profile that is followed by a hint of wild blueberry. There is a bit of warmth to it, bit of a kick and I think it ticks all the boxes! Brava!

Rating: 8/10

Buy Again?: Yes

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 3 cal
Carbs per 100ml 0 g
Sugar per 100ml 0 g
Country of Origin Australia
Price $34.95


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