Tempus Two Zero Prosecco 7/10

Tempus Two Zero Prosecco 7/10



The big wine brands launching non-alcoholic extension offerings have come thick and fast this Dry July! As well as a large Tempus Two range, Hardys have also released an alcohol free range. What does this mean? There is money to be made. And the alcohol producers are seeing it and making sure they are getting part of the action.

It also means more options for us as the consumer…yay! This one is an example of where I would urge you to read your labels. The ingredients on this one, not so clean (kinda like me the time I spewed at the Tempus Two cellar door on a Hunter Valley wine tour). As well as de-alcoholised wine you get a nice side of preservatives and thickener, sounds tasty. As I have mentioned before it always pays to check the ingredients of your NA wine if you care about what you are drinking.

In the glass this is a glorious light straw colour, with a fairly aggressive bead.

Flavour-wise this just falls a little flat (the bubbles are there fizzing away don’t worry) just quite one dimensional. You’re not getting that full mouth feel and there is not much complexity to what is there. I get a sherberty fizz, a fair whack of acidity that feels like it is there to balance out the sweetness. The sugar content is a little on the higher side.

It is fine. Not offensive and in a pinch you could make do, but it is not saying “hello I am a wine” to me. It’s like what we had on offer a good 12 months ago but products have got a lot better. In the same price range you could enjoy  a delicious Sobriety Society Blanc de blancs or a Tread Softly Prosecco.

Rating: 7/10

Buy Again?: No

Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100ml 29 cal
Carbs per 100ml 6 g
Sugar per 100ml 4.5 g
Country of Origin Australia
Price $15.95 AUD

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