FELLR Free Non-alcoholic Seltzer Watermelon 8/10

FELLR Free Non-alcoholic Seltzer Watermelon 8/10



My immediate thoughts on this were… if it’s a hard seltzer without the alcohol, isn’t it then just a seltzer? ie Sparkling Water? I jumped on their website where they address just this:

Far from it! We still ferment this beverage and brew it with all natural flavours over weeks to make sure we get that full bodied flavour and FELLR profile our drinkers love! FELLR FREE has less trace alcohol than other fermented drinks such as Kombucha’s, sitting under 0.5%, so it’s a guilt free, grown-up alternative to your alcoholic favourite or non-alc beer. ”

Now the rise of the hard seltzer really only happened as I was exiting alcohol, so I am not generally across them. But boy have they had an explosion. It is my understanding, that FELLR is brewed much like a beer, so it has fermentation, its not just a lolly water spiked with ethanol. Even so I am expecting the FELLR Free to be sweet. After all, it is watermelon flavoured.

Smells exactly like a watermelon soda. It’s a delightful light pink colour in the glass. Taste is much nicer than I was expecting. It’s not sugary sweet at all. It’s really light and refreshing. The fermentation does give the mouth feel a little depth, it’s watery but not super watery and you get a whole mouth feel. If you are a hard seltzer nut looking to cut back then this could be the win for you! With 0g sugar this could be the perfect guilt-free summer sip!

Rating: 8/10

Buy Again?: Probably not for me, but I can see the appeal!

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Note: This product emulates alcohol and could be triggering so please be careful!

Cals per 100 ml 3 cal
Carbs per 100ml  0g
Sugar per 100ml 0g
Country of Origin Australia
Price $14.95(4pack)


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